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2-1 Magnetic Charging Stand features a magnetic wireless charger designed for iPhone 12/13 and a designated wireless charging pad for your AirPods Pro to power both devices with ease. This ultra-sleek stainless steel and aluminum construction, stand complements your Apple devices and adds a stylish touch to your nightstand or home office.

iPhone AirPods Pro Charging Stand comes with a USB-c cable and is only for mag-safe iPhones. It is equipped with a built-in magnetic wireless charger. The stand elevates and recharges your iPhone 12 & 13, while its adjustable ball mount lets you maneuver for optimal hands-free viewing.

Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand charger is a great accessory when you are in a hurry. It can charge your devices very fast and at a time. This is designed for iPhone 12/13 and AirPods Pro. It is safe and energy-saving.