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Evolve your workstation into a studio.¬†Professionals require a lot from their workstation. Organized space, power supplies, cable management, and proper task lighting. Hexcal Studio has everything you need to orchestrate the ideal zone of productivity, bringing a new level of efficiency to every creation. It wasn’t just made for the Pro-workstation. It redefines it. (free Usa Shipping)

Pro power for all pro devices.

Studio features a complete, professional power distribution system integrated with AC, DC, and wireless power. Support up to 14 different devices simultaneously.

Cable management on another level.

Studio’s patented cable management system ensures a completely clean work environment to maximize your space, no matter how complex your setup is.

Borderless lighting for extraordinary creations.

Studio reduces eye strain caused by direct lights and screen glares through an industry leading, non-direct lighting system that produces 95% CRI and has 1280 possible light configurations.

Designed as furniture, but more than furniture.

Studio is designed to be timeless. Polished stainless steel, aircraft-grade aluminum, durable unibody, and premium coating. It is more than furniture. It is an art of engineering.