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  • The HumanCentric desk shelf system brings office organization and comfort to your workspace by creating spaces to conveniently conceal or display your workspace tools. Elevating the screen to eye level reduces neck strain, and adding the optional storage drawer brings even more style and functionality to your setup.
  • Elevate your computer monitor with a monitor stand riser. Improve your desk organization and ergonomics. The monitor stand adds additional desk storage underneath the monitor shelf.
  • Important note: The drawer is optional and sold separately. The base system does not include the drawer. The drawer fits under the shelf on the lower right side.
  • High quality materials and construction: The monitor stand has a beautiful black walnut veneered plywood top. The legs and shelf are anodized space gray aluminum. The shelf features a felt lined top.
  • Dimensions: 46” x 10.25” x 4”