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  • PERFECT STROKE KEYS: Perfect Stroke keys are shaped for your fingertips and increased key stability reduces noise while optimizing responsiveness
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN: Tactile reference for hand positioning makes it easy to stay oriented and in your flow
  • BACKLIT KEYS: The backlit keys light up the moment your hands approach, and automatically adjust to suit changing lighting conditions
  • FLOW CROSS-COMPUTER TYPING: Supports flow cross-computer typing across multiple screens. Pair up to 3 devices via Bluetooth Low Energy or Unifying USB receiver

A Solid Keyboard for the Office Set

The MX Keys is a fine keyboard for a certain subset of users: folks focused on productivity, switching often between or among multiple computers or devices. And they care not only about utility, but also about how others perceive their tech. They want something that looks professional and powerful, but also upscale and sharp. If you hear shades of yourself in that profile, the MX Keys should suit you very well. The folks who won’t like it quite as much, I suspect? Those who measure a comfortable typing experience in terms of deep-plunge keys and maximum physical adjustability.