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  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: The desk pad is made from synthetical felt material, its sewn edges guarantee a long life and protection against fraying. The anti-slip bottom keeps the pad in place
  • WORK IN COMFORT: While your hands enjoy the pleasant feel of the desk pad, your computer mouse will move around with ease and without friction, creating a way cozier workspace than you are used to
  • PROTECT YOUR DESK AND KEEP IT TIDY: This minimalistic accessory makes your desk appear sleek neatly organised in a second. It protects devices while also protecting the surface you’re using
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: Regular cleaning with a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth and a colour detergent is recommended. Avoid strong rubbing and usage of abrasive non-polar cleansers and alcohol based agents
  • SIZES: Desk pad comes in three sizes designed to fit no matter the size of the setup: small 28x63cm, medium 30x90cm and large 45x80cm