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  • HOME FOR ALL YOUR ESSENTIALS: Comfortably store all your daily necessities inside Nest. Separate the top tray from the internal storage to easily retrieve items while you work at your desk.
  • ALWAYS CHARGED: The wireless charger embedded in the lid will keep your devices charged while you work – so they’re always ready to go
  • STORAGE FOR CARDS & LOOSE ITEMS: Store cards you don’t use often in the lid to free up space in your wallet. Also included is an elastic pouch for smaller items that tend to go astray.
  • DUAL FUCTION HINGE MECHANISM: Lift the lid or flip it open like a book to access the internal storage. The foam padded interior will keep your belongings safe and protected as you go about your daily commute.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE DIVIDER: Movable dividers allow you to customise compartments to suit your specific needs.