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  • 📷Softer Light, No Dazzling: Unlike traditional light beads, RaLeno panel light adopt acrylic light guide plate that can diffuse glare to achieve soft light and not hurt eyes. It is Perfect for Children/Baby photography, Wedding, Youtube video
  • 📷Color Temperature and Brightness Adjustable, CRI 95+: With 2 easy-to-adjust knobs, the brightness (0%-100%) and bi-color(3200K-5600K) can be adjusted according to we needs. Meanwhile, the index of the true color of the restored object reaches 95+
  • 📷Built-in rechargeable battery: 4000mAh lithium battery can continuously emit light for 90 to 110 minutes at maximum power and can be used while charging. Support C-type and USB charging port, the required charger specification is 5V/3A, iPhone charger is not applicable
  • 📷HD LCD Display: LCD screen can display the index of brightness, color temperature and battery power intuitively. It enables you to record the lighting parameter in specific photography effect, make your work more efficient and improvable
  • 📷Wide Compatibility: Cold shoe adapter with 1/4 threaded hole makes the light compatible with DSLR cameras, camcorders, tripods and light stands. In addition, double Hole Fixing can be perfectly prevented from shaking when shooting.