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Over the years, technology has continuously revolutionized our world. The consumer electronics industry is a standout example of constant innovation, with many great companies and landmark products emerging from this field. As consumers, we’ve personally experienced how these technologies have changed our daily lives, and some electronic devices may even hold special meaning for us. But with the release of each new generation of devices, the products that have accompanied us in the past gradually disappear and are no longer used.

It’s this concept that led to the creation of Xreart Studio. Established in 2019, Xreart Studio is a photography studio specializing in “back then” product photography. We’ve been pumping out superior electronic product photos and videos for brands since the beginning. And today, our team is made up of a group of young people who love photography, know electronic products and firmly believe that technology can change the world.

But how exactly was this idea born? At a photography event that year, our lead photographer, Zach, accidentally dropped his iPhone 6 from a 5-meter roof. The phone was completely broken and could no longer be used. As an Apple fanboy, he couldn’t bear to discard it. In fact, he’s been a loyal user of Apple since the earliest 3Gs, and he keeps all the Apple products he’s used in the past. One day, when visiting an Apple forum after dropping his phone, he found a post where someone had put an unused Apple phone in a small display case. This inspired him to create the first iPhone frame with help from the rest of the team.

It was this collaborative effort that led to our first handmade frame, which we called an iPhone 6 deconstruction frame. Although this frame wasn’t very exquisite, we received unexpected compliments when we shared it with friends. Some friends even wanted to purchase it, which greatly encouraged us. So, we made it our mission to bring beautiful deconstruction art to more people.

Over the following year or so, our Xreart Studio team visited many mobile phone suppliers and officially started this project. Even though things were difficult with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we still persevered. Today, in 2021, we’re finally bringing our first batch of products to market. We collect used phones from authorized phone suppliers and redesign them, a process that includes disassembling, cleaning, sterilization, redesigning, framing and more, eventually resulting in a framed artwork. Xreart Studio hopes that, in this way, we can help you permanently preserve the tech products that are of special significance to you.