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  • Steel / wood
  • DESK BAR: Yamazaki Home’s Tower Desk Bar adds a great touch to your home office, living room, or bedroom. Place small items like pens, pencils, ruler, coins, keys, phones, glasses, watches and jewelry.
  • DESIGN: Made of steel and wood, this unique desk bar has a spot to organize your watch, two compartments for pens and pencils and a small tray for tiny items. It has a modern design to fit into any home decor. It is available in both black and white.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Place the desk bar on a table, counter, desktop or dresser for any accessories that need extra storage in your home.
  • DIMENSIONS: 3.8” in length, 9.6” in width and 4.4” in height. Large enough to fit various items but small enough to not take up too much space.
  • BRAND: Yamazaki brings thought and creativity to everyday items through design inspired by life in Japan. Items are created with special attention to simplicity, practically, quality, and saving space.