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Xiaomi MI Monitor Light Bar Review

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The Xiaomi Monitor Light bar is a killer option for desk lighting at its price point, It is almost half the price of the BenQ monitor lamp but performs just as well if not even better in some regards. This light bar would be optimal if you had a home office setup because it improves your ergonomics a lot.

The angle adjustement of the light:

One of the interesting features that comes with the light bar is that it attaches onto the mount magnetically, which also gives you a bit of wiggle room to better direct the ray of light onto your desk. It’s a neat solution to be able to rotate the light and detach only the light bar for cleaning. I think you’re looking at roughly 25 degrees of adjustment according to the Xiaomi Official Product Specification.

the quality of the light:

It was amazing. Having the ability to adjust colour temperature between 2700K (warm) to 6500K (cool) is pretty cool. I originally had a Baseus Monitor Lamp and it only allowed 3 colour temperate modes which were lacking, the Xiaomi Monitor Light Bar really exceeded my expectation with how even the light looked across the table. It’s rated to have a colour rendering index of 95 which means the colour of items that the light shines on is almost natural.

How’s the remote?

The remote is probably the most well-made component in the entire kit.It can last for almost a year and I have not yet needed to change the batteries, so I’d say it’s pretty energy efficient. The dial turning motion is smooth and changing the brightness and colour temperature was effortless.


Compared to its peers, the Xiaomi Monitor Light Bar has really outshined its competition with its quality finish and elegant design. It provides all the functions that you would expect from it at a fairly affordable price point. I would recommend it to anyone needing a light bar.


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